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Expand view Topic review: THE HAILSHAM AMENDMENT


Post by Cannydc » Mon Jun 11, 2018 3:05 pm

The House of Commons will this week on Tuesday and Wednesday consider whether or not to accept the fundamental amendments made by the House of Lords to the EU withdrawal bill. Some have likened the significance of the debates to the Norway debate of May 1940, which displaced Neville Chamberlain replacing him with Winston Churchill.

The most dangerous amendment, from the government’s point of view, is that proposed by Lord Hailsham, which would require both houses to approve the agreement by 30 November 2018, and to pass an act providing for the implementation of the agreement by 31 January 2019.

This seemingly innocuous amendment would give the House of Lords, around 80% of whose members support Remain, a veto over Brexit. The Lords have the power to refuse to consider a motion to approve the withdrawal agreement; they could delay passage of the bill providing for its implementation. The amendment would also allow parliament to refuse to accept any agreement. In consequence, Britain would remain a member of the European Union in defiance of the outcome of the referendum.

The Hailsham amendment, therefore, lights a powder keg that threatens both Britain’s negotiating position with the EU and the survival of the government. But it does draw attention to the fundamental problem facing the government, which is seeking to implement an instruction from the British people in the Brexit referendum to which the majority of MPs and peers are opposed.

For the first time in British constitutional history, parliament is passing legislation in which it does not believe.

And what a crazy, irresponsible, criminal thing to do. They KNOW it's wrong. They KNOW it is economically suicidal. They KNOW it will cost jobs, trade, and worst of all tie us to America - about the least trustworthy nation on the planet to do business with at this time. And STILL THEY VOTE FOR IT ?

What has been decided by the people can be undone only by the people. It cannot be undone by parliament. All that parliament can do is to give the people a chance to decide on the deal.

AND THEY MUST. ... vival-risk