Mars. National Geographic Channel

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Re: Mars. National Geographic Channel

Post by LordRaven » Mon Nov 14, 2016 10:27 am

On the issue of Mars and given the latest failure of the European space agency to put a lander on Mars its self evident, as explained in this programme last night, that landing a one ton rover is difficult due to the thin atmosphere wherein it's imperative to have a heat sheild but parachutes alone will be ineffective as the atmosphere is too thin and retro rockets will be a must to land a manned vehicle.
A huge craft with people and a self sustaining habitat will need a massive amount of fuel just to land let alone take off again. Throwing off a heat sheild and firing rockets directly into the direction of ascent to slow from thousands of miles an hour and navigate to a flat landing site to land bolt upright with having to deploy huge landing gear is going to prove a major engineering feat.
On the programme last night they showed how fraught this could be with Space X failures. It's truly daunting but I'm sure man will overcome such obstacles

Mars. National Geographic Channel

Post by LordRaven » Mon Nov 14, 2016 9:32 am

I watched the opening programme last night and enjoyed the mix of 2016 commentaries about the technologies and logistics needed for landing humans and an entire Mars Base Camp for a prolonged stay and the concurrent depictions of an actual Mars Landing in 2033 in the opening episode.
I've set the remaining episodes for both watching and recording so as not to miss anything as I do feel it's going to prove to be a very good series, as well as being hopefully prophetic.
Great for any Sci Fi/Sci Fact buffs