Do you chat to random people on Facebook?

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Do you chat to random people on Facebook?

Post by common sense » Thu Nov 17, 2022 11:01 pm

I do if I'm bored, for a laugh.

So, got this friend request yesterday from a woman, 29, I don't know at all in New York. Just a head and chest pic, very busty. :yikes: So got chatting and told her I'm 62, married but just living in the same house as my wife and we don't get on.

So she says she can now tell I'm her forever love. :leer: Never had a boyfriend at 29 and very pretty. Yeah right. Abused by men in the past. Pull the other one. She wants to be a porn star but won't if I don't want her to.

Wife's laughing her head off, asking when I'm flying. :leer:

Do you chat to random people on Facebook messenger? I only do for a laugh really. She can see my profile pic and says I'm a handsome hunk. :yikes: Am waiting for the request for money then will block her.