MickyMad has lost the plot Part 16

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Re: MickyMad has lost the plot Part 16

Postby Guest » Sat Mar 17, 2012 9:42 pm

Guest wrote:Ah yes, thank you guest! I'm not the guest that made the first post about her either (the one she called Canny), but was amused by her trying to deflect it all on Canny to make it look like a 'Canny agenda and lies' post ....when she knows she's been lying through her teeth about how old she is, what she does, her pictures, etc. For a woman who's lying so much about herself, she has the balls to constantly try and stir the pot with others!!

56! Avery young 56 that avvy of hers was :pmsl:

Seriously, who the fuck cares?
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