Fear the Walking Dead

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Fear the Walking Dead

Postby Trapper John » Wed Aug 26, 2015 1:46 pm

Just watched the pilot episode which airs in the UK this bank holiday weekend (31st I think)

It's made by the same company as the original Walking Dead, AMC and I think is one of the flagship programmes being lauded by BT on their TV service, unsure whether it's exclusive to them or not.

Anyways, it's set in the same 'universe' as media types like to call it, as the Walking Dead but takes you back to a few weeks before the outbreak of the virus has taken hold globally, there are rumours of strange happenings but by and large, most people are unaware of anything untoward.

The story is centring around a disparate West Coast American family - A mother, her two teenage children and a step father. The son being a 'junkie' is first to discover something is going down, no-one, including himself believes what he's seen, as it's put down to drug induced hallucinations.

It's a bit of a slow starter as you'd expect when introducing the core players of new series, but at the end of this pilot you're left with just enough to make you want to see the next episode.

Not sure how this is going to pan out? ...... unless it's going to be a 'real time' day-by-day account of the weeks and months before the disease becomes a global pandemic, where some semblance of civilisation still remains, it's hard to see it differing very much from the original.

I'll persevere with it for a few more episodes before adding it to or discarding it from my 'must watch' series list.
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