Make my body better .... Davina McCall Ch 4

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Make my body better .... Davina McCall Ch 4

Postby malamute » Mon Aug 29, 2016 8:39 pm

Anybody watching? THeres a male classroom assistant who weighs 32 stone and he needs to lose about 15 stone.

He's just had an operation called a gastric sleeve to make his stomach much smaller and in just a couple of months he's lost 6 stones.

The weight will fall off him in the "honeymoon period" after the op but I know 4 people who have had gastric surgery and they have all put loads of weight back on. It's a real shame because people like James really believe this will be the end of their battle to lose weight.

A neighbour of mine had a gastric bypass and lost about 6 stones very quickly but then realised she could still eat two bars of chocolate a day without feeling ill, but three makes her very ill. She also found she could drink wine with no ill effects and while she can only eat a small amount of a standard restaurant meal, if she has a drink and waits a while she can then finish it off completely. Her pouch is gradually stretching and she has regained nearly all of it.

As far as I can see the only people who benefit from these very expensive ops are the surgeons.

I'm guessing the show will have a happy ending but they should revisit him in a few years time.
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