Remainers. Your 2nd referendum is June 8th

Remainers. Your 2nd referendum is June 8th

Postby Viper » Sun May 21, 2017 11:14 am

Brexiteers, the luvvie remainers, with their open border mentalities, the ones who have promoted the ghettoisation of UK inner cities are spoilt for choice at the 2nd referendum on june 8th. Anyone but tory is a remain vote.

Brexiteers if you are serious about nailing brexit down you have to vote tory. Im not daft. I know many would rather not but this is your one chance to finish off remainers. Nail it down. Vote for one of the new party's that will emerge post brexit in the 2022 GE. But this one you have to seal brexit up.

End freedom of movement
Cut net immigration to less than 10 000.

Are you a brexiteer or a remainer. Step up.
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