Bozza/Putin Links

Bozza/Putin Links

Postby Stooo » Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:22 pm

Carole Cadwalladr‏ @carolecadwalla

Questions, anyone??
Photo surfaces of Boris Johnson with Joseph Mifsud.
The "London professor" named in FBI docs who's now gone to ground..
..and who Boris specifically denied meeting.
(H/t to @gavinsblog for top digging.)

Image ... 0764311552

Gone to ground or in the ground, time will tell.

Mifsud was one of the main the go betweens that link the Trump administration to Putin, and is one of the tentacles that leads from Robert Mercer and his crony's.

Still, Bozza, funny bloke who gets women locked up because he doesn't read his briefs, hilarious haircut and he wants to get those corpses off of the seaside, speaks a bit of Latin which makes up for his utter incompetence on the garden bridge folly.

Now linked to the Russians? It's as if EU tax avoidance rules aimed at the rich and large corporations weren't behind the true meaning of project leave. They wouldn't lie to us.
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