UK funds going to Syrian extremists

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Re: UK funds going to Syrian extremists

Postby Trapper John » Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:46 am

Fletch wrote:
Trapper John wrote:
Watched it all Fletch, what chance do ordinary people have when the world is ruled by liars? Like I said in my thread title, Propaganda & Conflict the best of bedfellows.

No chance TJ. The whole corporate media has a narrative in agreement with those at the top and present it day after day to shape opinion in the hope that after so long, it becomes fact. The internet and social media changed that and now the msm is being shown up as the corporate lackeys they always were.

Channel 4 is the worst for for Syria propaganda, featuring video clips and reports from the terrorists themselves then producing it as proof Assad is 'killing civilians'. They got caught out a while ago and had to delete one of their white helmets video which showed them fighting alongside the terrorists. Jon Snow is a cockwomble of the highest order. Ever wonder how the slickly produced action packed isis videos got made? Hollywood production qualities in the middle of a war zone in the desert promoted by Rita katz. :wurms:

You might enjoy this short clip of Eva Bartlett answering an msm journalist at a press conference:

Didn't see your thread about propaganda TJ. :dunno:

Yeah, she shut that smarmy bastard right up, sweet :smilin:

Yeah my thread was more about how propaganda alone can instigate and inspire hatred and war which sometimes continues for centuries, as in Ireland, but has no basis in fact whatsoever.
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