McCanns sitting on £750k for "new search"

Re: McCanns sitting on £750k for "new search"

Postby dis » Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:05 am

Trapper John wrote:I don't think anyone can say how they would have reacted in the same circumstances.

I guess they believe their child is still alive or maybe they just can't live with not knowing, if they have the funds which were given to them freely, then I can't see a reason not to use them for that end.

I know many people say give up, accept that she's dead or at least gone to you forever but how many people could really do that without any form of closure?

It maybe false hope but it is hope and probably all they have to keep themselves and the rest of their family together.

This is how I feel about it.

I don't think Madeleine will ever be found, but if it were my child I wouldn't stop looking for her and I wouldn't want the police to stop searching.
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Re: McCanns sitting on £750k for "new search"

Postby Guest » Wed Feb 14, 2018 6:18 pm

Cannydc wrote:
TWATkins wrote:
Cannydc wrote:
TWATkins wrote:
Cannydc wrote:

And if it were your child you would shut up, give up ???

Well it's a moot question because if it were my child, I'd have taken more care of them. If it did happen though, i'd crawl over broken glass and deal with the devil himself if it meant finding them. I certainly wouldn't do what these two have done.

So do you have children ?

And if you do, you had your beady eye on them 24 / 7 ?


No parent is perfect, we all make mistakes. Even you.

This wasn't a "mistake". A mistake is locking your keys inside your car. A mistake is trying to put a library card into a cashpoint.

Choosing to leave your children alone in an unlocked apartment in a foreign country night after night while you went out on a jolly with your mates is neglect.

And there's the (typical) exaggeration.

It was one night.

They were in sight of the accommodation.

They checked on the kids regularly.

I am not saying they were right to do what they did - but I repeat - no-one is perfect.

(ps you didn't answer whether you would keep your kids under surveillance 24 / 7)

Problem with your argument is that it wasn't just ONE night. This group of friends had a supposed system in place where their kids would be checked, how regular can't be ascertained.

It was a deliberate decision to leave them alone in that apartment and not just for one night. They were out the night before as Kate McCann spoke of her daughter being upset upon waking finding her mum wasn't there, they were dining/socialising at the restaurant.
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