Canny, Labour? Ha Ha Ha did not do well did they

Canny, Labour? Ha Ha Ha did not do well did they

Postby Rocthedog » Fri May 04, 2018 9:44 am

Canny, the confidence you were shouting about last night soon faded, faded, and then vanished as the night went on. London rejected your party, people did not swing to them as predicted Conservatives kept their seats Lost one to Labour, Labour lost one to conservatives.

If this had been a general election Labour would not have formed a government. My information I received yesterday which I told you was ridiculed by but turned out to be pretty much spot on.

Labours Tax programme. Higher taxes from them. Mcdonut scares people.
Labours Anti-Semitism getting into Labour via momentum.
Momentum, Labours stormtroopers getting voters choices thrown out of their seats, they scare people big time. Especially the Jewish vote.
Having Mcdonut, Corbyn and the idiot Diane Abbott, as the three main characters at the front of Labour Jeeze man that really is a confidence vote, I don't think.

My hope is they stay there, they will definitely give the Conservatives the edge.

Got to give it to the Lib Dems they got back a lot of their core vote.

Happy Voting Canny and you Labourites.
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