Where can we look to see corbynism?

Re: Where can we look to see corbynism?

Postby Guest » Tue Jun 05, 2018 11:09 am

Cannydc wrote:
Guest wrote:
MungoBrush wrote:
Guest wrote:Where can we look to see corbynism in action? Which country has successfully run the Corbyn model so the GBP can look to it and see if it likes it...

What exactly is the Corbyn model?
He’s indecisive on so many issues it’s hard to know what he stands for

It Venezuela economic model and nazi germany treatment of jews model.

We dont need to worry about it until 2022 though as despite corbyn himself saying he/labour are in a 'constant electoral footing' and 'i will be be PM by cheistmas (last Christmas)' the brain trust here tell us thats its now 2022 strategy :gigglesnshit:

4 more years of tory gov until we have to worry then innit :cuppaT:

And yet..........

For some reason it's you lot forever harping on about Corbyn.

I smell fear.

Pop along to the toilet then and clean yourself up.
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