Data Protection Again

Data Protection Again

Postby Stooo » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:24 pm

Si_Crewe wrote:
Stooo wrote:There's a lot in the news about the new data protection laws and people getting their inboxes filled with confirmation emails asking whether they wanted to remain on a mailing list and happy to have their data shared.

I'm not going to send out individual emails to members and it would be impossible to do so with guests.

The data that we keep on you is your username, your IPs and your joining email (IPs only for guests obvs). This information is kept securely on our server and is not shared with any third party. We do not run any scripts or ads because I can't be arsed to.

That's as close to compliance that you're gonna get :thumbsup:

There's also been stuff in the news about the forthcoming EU Copyright Directive.

Article 13 of which compels those who are "information society service providers" (that's you, Stooo) to ensure users don't share copyrighted material on their platforms.

Just as well we'll be under no obligation to comply with this draconian nonsense after we leave the EU, eh?

You're welcome. :thumbsup:

EU sends controversial internet copyright reforms back to the drawing board

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