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MungoBrush wrote:
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MungoBrush wrote:
Punk wrote:Didn't one more go late on Monday?

Maybe you mean this one?

"MP John Woodcock quits Labour with attack on 'hard left'

In his resignation letter, he said the party had been "taken over by the hard left" and "tolerated" anti-Semitism.
In a wide-ranging attack on Mr Corbyn, he said Labour was not a "credible" alternative government and its leader would pose a "clear risk" to the UK's security if he became prime minister.

He added: "The party for which I have campaigned since I was a boy is no longer the broad church it has always historically been.
"Anti-Semitism is being tolerated and Labour has been taken over at nearly every level by the hard left, far beyond the dominance they achieved at the 1980s militancy"

More trolling on a thread about Tory resignations. You really are a sad case. :hand:

So when Conservative MP Andrew Griffiths gets called out for unacceptable behaviour all you pathetic little lefties dance around with glee posting your spiteful little pictures

But when a Labour MP does it - lets just downplay it and sweep it under the carpet

Typical hypocritical lefties.

Typical hypocritical Conservative, refuses to condemn any of the 37 Tory sex pests and trolls a post about Conservative politicians resigning. Start your own fucking thread about whatever you sad hypocrite. :dafinger:
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