Lift-off for Scotland: Sutherland, first UK spaceport

Lift-off for Scotland: Sutherland, first UK spaceport

Postby LordRaven » Sun Oct 14, 2018 3:33 pm

A remote, boggy stretch of land on the north coast of Scotland is set to become the UK's first spaceport.

The A'Mhoine Peninsula in Sutherland has been chosen as the most suitable place from which to launch rockets vertically to put satellites in orbit.

The UK Space Agency is giving Highlands and Islands Enterprise £2.5m towards the development of the facility.

HIE will work closely with a consortium that includes the American aerospace giant Lockheed Martin.

The goal would be to have launches as early as possible in the 2020s.

The Scotland money is part of a package of grants to foster UK launch capability that was announced by Business Secretary Greg Clark at the Farnborough International Air Show.

He told the event: "We are one of the best countries in the world for the research, development, manufacturing and application of satellites - big and small. And when we see the expansion that is taking place, and the requirement that these satellites need to be launched into orbit - there is an obvious opportunity here for the UK and it must be grasped."

I am guessing this is now commercially viable and good turn out to be a profitable and most necessary venture as we venture further into the high tech era, so I am very much in favour of this and I do hope it leads to employment for that area and major advances in the sciences.
An excellent choice.
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