Twitter deletes 10,000 fake "Democrat" accounts

Re: Twitter deletes 10,000 fake "Democrat" accounts

Postby wutang » Sun Nov 04, 2018 3:46 am

Ray of Sunshine wrote:Yes because the San Francisco Bay Area which includes Silicon Valley isn't known as the socialist capital of the USA.

Hippies, flower power, gay rights, Dead Kennedys, squat punks, Maximum Rocknroll, radical campus politics at Berkeley, all figments of my imagination obviously.

Silicon Valley is dominated by Libertarian tech-bros who idolise Ayn Rand. ... nald-trump

And San Fran is Liberal, Oakland has a more radical socialist history which is why they are resisting the influx of the silicon valley crowd

Watching Google's ferry steam out of Oakland docks beyond rock-throwing range it can seem as if here the anti-tech rebellion has found a bastion. It makes sense: Oakland, a gritty, industrial port city of 400,000 souls just across the bay from San Francisco, has been America's crucible of leftwing radicalism for more than a century, home to socialists, trade-union agitators, poets, jazz musicians, rabble-rousers, civil-rights leaders, Black Panthers and anarchists. Occupy activists clashed with police and stormed city hall here in 2012. A bronze sculpture of Oakland's most famous writer and activist, Jack London, overlooks the bay like a sentinel. "You have mismanaged the world," he once told a wealthy, frock-coated audience in New York, "and it shall be taken from you." ... california
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