I'm sure they were just trying to help.

Re: I'm sure they were just trying to help.

Postby Fletch » Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:48 pm

Maddog wrote:
Guest wrote:
Guest wrote:
Rolluplostinspace wrote:Happening in many places across the country sadly.

All perfectly acceptable to many on the right wing of politics these days. The Tories and their supporters :shake head:

How fucking dumb are you! like homelessness was never a problem when you lefties are in power! :shake head:
It's politicians are the problem regardless of what side of the aisle they sit. But your bigoted narrow mindedness makes you no better than the people you claim to hate, ya fucking numpty.

Here is the thing about the homeless. They will always be with us. Unless you round them up and lock them up.

What many are missing on this thread, isn't about how to eradicate homelessness, but should the government be stealing their fucking sleeping bags? :dunno:

I've said already this government target the poor sick and homeless. That means having no consideration for them, making life difficult for them and moving them out of the/their area, or out of sight, is just part of the process.

That guy isn't likely to have been heartless enough to just take it on himself and remove the persons belongings, he was likely ordered to do so from above. He then either complies or loses his job. It's not the first time councils have been caught removing homeless people's stuff nor councils taking actions to prevent rough sleepers using particular places.
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