Two more Jihadi brides stripped of citizenship

Re: Two more Jihadi brides stripped of citizenship

Postby Snookerballs » Mon Mar 11, 2019 12:31 am

MungoBrush wrote:
Red Okktober wrote:
Snookerballs wrote:A Goverment "U Turn" ( embarrssing for Sajid Javid,)

Jeremy Hunt has said that all efforts will be made to bring out British Citizen Children born in the Refugee Camp back to this Country, following the Shamma Began Fiasco .

On what grounds is it a 'fiasco'?

This is someone who wanted to/still wants to, kill British citizens.

For sure, it's sad that a baby has died, but she's hardly in line for Mother of the Year Award is she?

The report says that it's only the babies that they want to bring back
Not the traitors.

That seems quite fair, the babies are just innocents in the situation .
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Re: Two more Jihadi brides stripped of citizenship

Postby LordRaven » Mon Mar 11, 2019 4:38 pm

Guest wrote:More jihadettes for mcaz to weep into his lentil soup over :pmsl:

Had IS brides been killed in the fighting and had we never heard of them again I doubt anyone would be blaming the Home Secretary for his actions in banishing them, however because IS have been defeated and these women (terrorists) have resurfaced and have children involved all of a sudden the Home Secretary is now being portrayed as evil personified and these people as some kind of angels who deserve sympathy. The world has gone mad.

I recall the IS woman holding a small child in her arms being called out from the rubble by some Anti-IS forces whom she then promptly blew up as she was wearing a suicide vest, I cannot recall anyone sympathising with her and/or blaming the forces she surrendered to for her demise.

As to the fate of these (terrorist) women? I am indifferent as to what happens to them, I really don't care one iota, but if the security services feel there might be some good intelligence to be had then go and interview them and decide if it's worth having them back here then fair enough. Other than that bollocks to them.
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