My reasons for voting the way I did. What were yours?

A right load of bollocks...

Re: My reasons for voting the way I did. What were yours?

Postby Guest » Sun Oct 08, 2017 4:19 pm

Canary wrote:Oh another thing trapped guy, once when I pointed out your vicious way of yelling at women who disagree with your opinions, you yelled that I'm not the 'forum prefect'.

Well neither are you, so remember that, next time you try to order people to ''fuck off'' out of your threads.

There is no such thing as anyone being owner of a thread, as rolly pointed out, I thought everyone knew that.

You don't have the authority to tell anyone to fuck off, my dear, it's funny as fk to see you trying to exceed your authority. :pointlaugh:

Happy days. :cuppaT:

Give it a rest Canary ffs. Always going off topic and picking on people.
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Re: My reasons for voting the way I did. What were yours?

Postby Punk » Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:22 pm

Canary wrote:
Trapper John wrote:
Canary wrote:
Trapper John wrote: stop trolling my thread,.

I have never trolled anyone in my life. Trolling ain't my thing.

I went off topic talking about a relative in debt, for which I apologetically wrote "BACK ON TOPIC" :thumbsup:


Hmmm. :laughing: :laughing: There is plenty of off topic banter in this thread, mostly from you. Off topic banter happens in every thread, and of course I'm fine with that.
Moreover, several contributors have not even mentioned anything about brexit whatsoever. Again I'm fine with that. This is the Arms and nearly all threads get off topic posts or troll posts. No problem.

So ... given that some other people went off topic,
.... and some people were never even ON topic in the first place ...
.......... and you were quite OK with all that,
........... what's with your girly screeching at my own very short offtopic post to Mcaz? :again?:

Plus this is the trolling section :header:
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