How Tall Are You?

A right load of bollocks...

Re: How Tall Are You?

Postby Guest » Sat Feb 17, 2018 3:54 pm

6 ft 2 and the missus is 5 ft 4
best film ending must be Arlington Road
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Re: How Tall Are You?

Postby measurer » Sat Feb 17, 2018 4:01 pm

Guest wrote:
Budgie overlord wrote:
OchAye wrote:
Admirer wrote:Isn't budgie 6ft 3?

Does he still post here? :wubbers:

six foot three is just his ego. the photos he sent me show a short arsed be-kilted baldy twat with back fat bingo wings.

You can see from the video at st enoch I tower over most people, you cowardly gimp...

And I've never worn a kilt for a topless photo :trollface:

The gaylord jock is back posting, and it's the same old shit. He was caught out lying about showing up and looking like a tramp with his shit cheap electronics. Expensive for I jock though I guess :shell:

Do you actually know what you're talking about, really?? Budge has a damned well paid job, and believe it or not, Scotland is a wealthy country on it's own. BTW - iJocks ? lol
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