Do Infamous Posters Really Fade Away

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Re: Do Infamous Posters Really Fade Away

Postby measurer » Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:19 pm

Fletch wrote:
measurer wrote:I think of course, that some die, others may get jobs and no longer have the time to sit on computers, (unless new job is working with one). All kinds of things happen in RL that take us away from forums/chatrooms.

And of course, some reincarnate themselves. It may be to get away from trolls, or it may be that they themselves have changed, and no longer wish to be known as their old nickname. So yes, I do think Infamous posters do indeed leave, and others? They live to troll another day.

I think social media growth has led some to find new outlets such as twitter or FB. Forums were one of the early forms of social media but with so much of it and so many ways of interacting, forums may not hold the audience they once did. Easier to get many more raging on twitter than on forums. :trollface:

CBA with Twitter and the twits using it. lol I deleted mine years ago. Why go on it just to argue? I guess there is all kinds of crazy...
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