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Postby art0hur0moh » Mon Nov 19, 2018 4:07 pm

Stooo wrote:
George wrote:Painful backs, I am only comfortable standing or lying down. I only stretched to make the bed. I might take up some yoga as I think my flexibility is poor

I'm used to getting up early and do at weekends so I have a look at Dogs and Twitter for a bit before crashing back out again, my shoulder ached all day after resting on my elbow for half an hour on Saturday morning :shake head:

Yoga streches some primary nerve systems. I highly recomend starting simple. chair pose into child pose, then cobra, plank and finish with downward facing dog. the key is to hold the pose till You feel it build tension before moving onto next pose. where most stress is caused is improper posture. it is the muscles that support the skeleton. don't be afraid to lean back using the abs and thighs when walking or standing (I don't recommend standing still for to long.) Being conscious of posture and preasure exerted on parts of the body You quickly become focused on the stresses some actions or activities inflict, bend knees when picking up things! even if it is only a feather. anti inflamitories are a Good idea, but in moderation. pain serves as an indicator of wrong doing. all disease is the result of inflamation. temporarily lost the use of right arm 20 years ago after Dog and I got hit by a land rover. 2015, left elbow I couldn't hold more than half a pound for 30 seconds. november last, tore polymer sweat pants landing on right knee, chair pose I feel it. couldn't take a stride greater than a foot. now I can sprint again, 50-100 yards without discomfort. considering how many trees and things I have fallen out of or off, it is miraculous I am still Alive. July I was involved in a scirmish breaking a rib or two, for a short time after I was coughing up blood. I can finaly lay on My left again. Learned last Year it is the best why to wake up without indigestion due to the position of the stomach. it would serve me better not consuming anything two hours before sleep.
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