If you sync your Western with your Chinese ...

A right load of bollocks...

Re: If you sync your Western with your Chinese ...

Postby HobbitFeet » Wed Feb 06, 2019 11:55 am

Vam wrote:(.... that avi!! :wubbers: )

he looks terrified :mrgreen:
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Re: If you sync your Western with your Chinese ...

Postby Cleopatra » Wed Feb 06, 2019 7:15 pm

Vam wrote:
Cleopatra wrote:I'm a Sagittarian Pig :ooer:

... and here was me, sometimes seeing you as the Good Angel on my shoulder when I'm posting. Bang goes that theory...! :mrgreen:

Still waters run deep. The Sagittarian Pig, above reproach in moral conduct and beyond social disapprobation, tries vary hard to maintain a spotless reputation. Not that the Sagittarius/Pig is a Pollyanna and only capable of Boy Scoutism. Not at all. But this person attends to his or her public name by staying clear of trouble and acting the role of moralist. Of course, this pristine do-good behavior only goes so far. The Sagittarian/Pig is still (pardon the expression) a Pig. So this upstanding citizen type who has many axes to grind with everything from politics to artistic expression is frequently found out to be a secret wallower in some lewd and lascivious shenanigans on the sly...

Famous Sagittarius Pigs - Noel Coward, Woody Allen, Jules Dassin...

Good Compatibilities - Leo/Cat-Rabbit



Lewd and lascivious :kinell: Mind you, I can be a bit of a boring moraliser (but can get down and dirty...and lascivious....when necessary) eyebrow
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