Too poor to play

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Postby Rolluplostinspace » Thu Mar 28, 2019 12:23 am

xtras1 wrote:
Rolluplostinspace wrote:
xtras1 wrote:Iain Banks?

That's the one.
Don't tell me I've one chapter left.
I've nearly given up on it a couple of times especially when the drunken swordsman with a gimp on his shoulder turns up speaking drunken Scottish.
but something kept a hold on me.

I gave up on that I think into chapter one :mrgreen:

It's not easy.
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Re: Random Stuff # 27

Postby Guest » Sun Mar 31, 2019 8:11 pm

Fletch wrote:Revealed: Rich kids get grass and poor children get mulch in separate have and have-not play areas in same multi-million pound development with mixed housing

Baylis Old School complex in south London was completed in 2016 and consists of 149 units in former school
The site is divided between homeowners and rent-paying social housing tenants in a block called Wren Mews
Developer Henley Homes has banned children of social housing tenants from using the lush green play area

The huge grassy play area for the 'privileged' children is surrounded by a three foot high wooden fence which only be accessed from the private flats .

Instead the 'poorer' children must contend themselves with a different play area cover in wood bark on the other side on the other side of the building which is a fraction of the size.


Planning documents approved by Lambeth Council showed gates giving access to the main play area from all of the flats, and Henley Homes boasted that 'common areas are there for the use of all the residents'.

But after permission was granted the developer altered plans to replace the gates by Wren Mews with impassable hedges after getting the go ahead from the council, reported Guardian Cities. ... sters.html

More division and letting young children 'know their place' :shake head:

It’s not a case of keeping out the riff raft, there are two managing agents for two distinct properties with a designated border. Something the OP decided not to mention.
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