Ed Miliband 'facing calls to quit'

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Re: Ed Miliband 'facing calls to quit'

Postby Punk » Thu Jul 26, 2018 7:41 pm

McAz wrote:
Punk wrote:
Rolluplostinspace wrote:
LordRaven wrote:All rather childish chaps, you haven't changed much at all. You do love your little online gangs don't you.

Trying to perpetuate lies I guess must give you some warped sense of satisfaction to your online personas.

And Rollup please don't be so silly, we all had to become adept at NBC because of the threat we faced.

I am not in Punks gang Azz's gang or anyone else's gang. In fact I don't think there are any gangs here.
If I disagree with any of this so called gang then I disagree.

Exactly. It smacks of desperation. I agree with some of your statements but nowhere near 100%, same for Aziz. I did note that Gary Glitter was a staunch Conservative.

Gazzer wasn't one of the peados that Thatcher enabled, was he? :dunno:

Heath did. :pukeup:
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