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What's the story?

Johannes Schmidt spent 25 years chasing an enigmatic fish across the Atlantic Ocean. The Danish biologist surrendered the hunt only after his ship was torn to pieces on a Caribbean coral reef. Schmidt was trying to solve an ancient mystery about one of nature’s strangest fish: eels. Aristotle suggested the slithering species emerged spontaneously from the earth. But by the early 1900s, Schmidt and others suspected eels bred in the open ocean, instead of their lifelong freshwater homes. ... shing-eels

My old dad used to love his jellied eels, disgusting mess that they are. I did used to like the mash, mutton pies and liquor though :drool:

So what is an eel? They appear to be beyond pansexual and able to change their sex at will. They are assumed to mate in the Sargasso Sea but no-one has ever observed an eel mating. I remember watching a vid of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall dragging elvers (baby eels) out of a river and bunging them in a hot frying pan before noshing down which did nothing to fuel my desire to eat the things. We know so little about this common animal.
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