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Postby Stooo » Sat Nov 08, 2014 12:14 am

Don't get me wrong but I actually like Amazon as a company, I'm a happy Prime member and have had nothing but a positive experience with them as a customer.


There's this Google vs Amazon thing. Amazon is really good at selling things and Google is great at making search engines, operating systems, self driving cars, a map system that is completely amazing and other stuff like that. There is some conflict between the two at present involving optimisation on the search engine but they both seem to chug along quite well.

So why the Firephone?


They had to pull it from sale because it was frankly shit and it was only good for suggesting shopping stuff or something and was generally crap.

And now they come out with this beauty:

(Slightly edited)

My phone and tablet can do this shit, why the hell do I need another thing that does things that other things do perfectly well and without a screen and as about as portable as a pepper grinder? :again?:

Again, don't get me wrong. The Kindle and Kindle apps are a fantastic way to get people (like me) to part with a couple of quid for a good read but apart from that they should really keep out of the hardware side of things.
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