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Influenza Map

Postby measurer » Sun Jan 14, 2018 6:45 pm

Had to laugh that it was being reported that only 2 areas in Scotland had the outbreak, specially as I was laying under my blanket while reading it. Did the stupid papers not realise that people had to report it themselves for the map to represent it accurately? Two days later, after I posted on a paper's site that it wasn't an accurate map and it was up to the Public to report it to this Map site, lo and behold, Scotland, England and Ireland were lit up like Rudolph's nose!

It is the flu from Hell. Four weeks later and I am still coughing like a mad one, and I can still hear it in me. Looks like a doc's visit will be required. Was great for weight loss though - never ate a thing for over 10 days ! Missed my Christmas AND New Year's dinners tho !!! :grrrrr: :grrrrr: :grrrrr:
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