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Picnic At The Flix

Postby Major » Tue Mar 06, 2018 11:17 am

My old mate is loaded but tight as a drum, 10 years ago he transferred 16 different rental properties to his son and dorta and lives off private pensions as one does
Himself and his younger wife have been together for a long time and are out of the country quite a lot enjoying life.

I take the wee wee out of them both cus when they go to the flix which is often they take a flask and sandwiches, if they go out for a drive they do the same, they never FILL UP the car tank, just put £20 in it most times.

Yesterday he had a new looking Schoffel Ptarmigan outdoor coat on,looked the same as mine so I commented, he bought to from the Heart Foundation Charity Shop for £50.

Tight bleeda

We take stuff to Heart Foundation, you should see some of the stuff in there, UNUSED by the look of it.

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