Unsolved Murders And Crimes.

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Re: Unsolved Murders And Crimes.

Postby Vicks » Mon Apr 02, 2018 5:05 am

Officially there's 77 unsolved murders in Scotland.

Janet Henderson of Perth is the oldest unsolved murder.

Janet was murdered in 1866.

She had been killed with an axe.
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Re: Unsolved Murders And Crimes.

Postby Trapper John » Mon Apr 02, 2018 8:57 am

I had a friend/ workmate who was found dead in mysterious circumstances, I might have mentioned it before at some time.

I worked with the bloke for about 6 years in London in the early/ mid 1980's he was one of these blokes who would travel all around Europe and other parts of the world, following the Formula 1 circus. I wasn't a fan so never went with him on any of his 'trips'

He always seemed quite well off, I assumed it was because he wasn't married, which was all I really knew about him on a personal level as he never spoke much about his private life outside work and formula 1. He also had a lot of contacts and 'friends' who got us invitations to places I would never thought I'd ever get into, like film premier after show parties, the Playboy Club and big music and sporting venues etc. I met a lot of famous people of the day as well.

Anyways, the company we worked for eventually folded and we went our separate ways, he went to work for a Russian company in London doing similar work, I got a job closer to home in a different field entirely. After a few years of meeting up less and less frequently, we lost contact altogther.

Then one day, at least 10 years maybe more later I happened to be reading the Sun newspaper whilst waiting for somebody and saw his name in a small column inside the paper. It said he was found dead sitting in a tube train at the end of the line.

The reason it made the paper was that an autopsy had failed to find a cause of death but a small, circular puncture hole was found in his leg, the type of wound that the infamous Russian spy (can't remember his name) had in the just as infamous 'Umbrella murder' called that because it was suspected that the poison which killed him was injected into him in a public place with the tip of a modified umbrella.

Finally, a few years later I met another guy who we both worked with at that company and we spoke about our mate's death. He said that they never found a cause of death or never published that they did.

He went on to say that he and others who had known this bloke longer than I had, suspected he was a 'courier' for British intelligence, using his extensive travel in Europe and other parts following F1 to collect and carry sensitive information, it sort of made sense to me then when I thought back.

The consensus then was that after going to work for the Russain company, he got embroiled in the whole 'spy' thing a lot deeper and was 'knocked off' as a result, by one side or the other. :dunno:
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